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We’re here to help you take your event online!  Many in-person events have moved online recently and MeyerPro has the solutions to help you accomplish your goals for your online event.  

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Virtual Event Remote Production

We have taken our large scale event experience and adapted it for the online experience.  With many successful events under our belt we would love to put that knowledge to work on your next event. Remote or onsite productions using:

  • vMix

  • XSplit

  • OBS

  • Pro Broadcast Gear

  • Professional broadcast technicians


Virtual Event Studio

We have built a turnkey broadcast facility that is ready to host your virtual event at a moment's notice.

Check it out here!



Take your simple meetings, webinars and events to the next level.  Let us assist you in giving your smaller event a polished and professional look and feel.  This will allow you to communicate effectively to your audience using video conferencing technology as a benefit instead of a distraction.

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